"AUTO-DECARB" was established in the year 2014. Having understood and experienced the benefits of Hydrogen Cleaning, the company set up to be India’s first premier Pure Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Specialist to provide Hydrogen Cleaning of engines for all driving enthusiasts, discerned vehicle owners and environmental 'friendlies'. From a macro view, AUTO-DECARB sees itself as a contributing avenue for customers to Reduce Maintenance Costs, Enhance Driving experience, and for a Cleaner and Greener India by reducing Carbon Footprints. Together, we can make a difference ! imported, sold & serviced in India by MOHITE MOTORS PVT. LTD.

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Asia's Revolutionary Engine Cleaning System, Now in India.

Our AUTO-DECARB, is Tested & Approved by Leading Certifying Agencies in India & Abroad.

AUTO-DECARB, marketed & distributed in India by MOHITE MOTORS PVT. LTD., is a revolutionary vehicle engine cleaning system. It is the latest Hydrogen production equipment with Platinum-based MEA electrolyzer. A Patented Technology brought to India, AUTO-DECARB, is Manufactured by General Optics Corporation (GOC) of Taiwan. Developed using patented core technology, AUTO-DECARB uses pure hydrogen to de-carbonize, de-tox and de-sludge any vehicle engine. It helps to not just clear carbon deposit from petrol/diesel engine parts, but also helps to restore fuel efficiency, engine power and reduce toxic emissions.

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