Welcome To MOHITE MOTORS PVT. LTD. , Kolhapur

The saga of the Mohite Group began in 1976. It was founded by Mr. R.M. Mohite who planted the seeds, which flowered today into an empire. Headquartered in Kolhapur, the Group first made its mark in the industry, constructing earthen dams. Over the years, the Mohite family has diversified from their ancestral business and spread their footprint into numerous other sectors. The Group has strategically positioned itself in sectors such as textile, infrastructure, hydro-energy, agro, mining & the automobile industry.

Under the leadership of Mr. Shivaji Mohite, the Group has reached new heights of glory and success. The Mohite Group constantly strives to achieve excellence & world-class standards in all its operations. Fuelled by passion, integrity & resourcefulness, every aspect of business is characterized by professionalism and unmatched expertise. Thus the Mohite Group has raised its own benchmark with every successive endeavour.


   To expand our proficiency in the field of Green Power.
   To seek new challenges, new ventures & to conquer new markets.
   To be a recognized leader of superior quality & maintain the momentum of growth.


   To achieve perfection in everything we undertake with a commitment to excel.
   To transform challenges into opportunities.

Accelerating Towards Success

The number of vehicles on the road keeps increasing daily. Since 2011, the Group has vetured into the automobile sector. A long-term technology & distribution collaboration was established with GOC (General Optics Corporation), a manufacturer from Taiwan. The Group has been entrusted with the responsibility to market HGCR machines in India. With proven reduction in CO emissions, the HGCR machine cleans carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and also cleanses the catalytic converter in the exhuast system by removing the accumulated carbon micro films .

Taking the message of 'Clean Engines for Green India' forward, it will provide treatment for all vehicles after every 20,000 Km at any time. Spreading these machines across the Indian Continent will help create a pollution free & greener environment as well as efficient vehicles. The Group also plans to venture into manufacturing transportation vehicles in the near future.